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Polynessian Pool Repairs

1 1/2" Polynessian Pool Tape


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Resealing Low Hungs

We can also reseal low hung pools when changing a liner or just when the tape is gone bad and the pool may be leaking.

Repainting Polynessian Pool Tile

We also can repaint the tile on Polynesian Low Hung pools. You can see in the pictures below.
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Repainting Polynessian Low Hung Tile.

Fiberglass Repair

Some pool walls are fiberglass and can't be changed without a lot of expense when they are damaged.

We can repair most damage on fiberglass walls.

Repairing Coping.

Repairing Crack In Wall.

Repair to coping on Polynesian pool

Broken Coping

Fiberglass Repair

With paint it is complete.

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